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Legendary – FREE download:

How I wrote Legendary?

Legendary is a children's book which tells the story of Saint Brigid in a modern way. It was written by me, when I was sixteen for Student Enterprise 2016/2017.


I typed the novel on my iMac over the course of two months (August and September 2016). It was a very interesting and educational experience writing a book, which I always wanted to do since I was small. Unfortunately I encountered problems with using the iMac as it uses Pages instead of Word, which makes it more difficult when sending a document to other people. After numerous emails and some phone calls I copied it to an iPad and reformatted it on jpeg.

I illustrated the book using my father’s iPad Pro and the ApplePencil, I found this enjoyable but very time consuming. All illustrations were drawn in colour, but changed to black and white. I did this as I believe it's easier on the eyes and it was a lot cheaper printing the physical copies in black and white.

iPad Drawing
Pie Chart

I handed surveys asking various questions out at the Church of the Holy Spirit with my friends Eoin and Mati. We chose the church as our location as we believed people there would be more interested in Saint Brigid.

I then researched publishing companies and I eventually decided on bookprinting.co.uk to print my book in October. Then in April, I put a digital copy of my book online which you can buy here.


Printed book price: €8